Software Developer
Software Developer

Welcome to my portfolio. I'm a developer experienced in frontend, fullstack, and mobile development. Programming has led me to an interest in developing and designing websites. I also make indie game projects on the side.

Scroll below to check out my different projects and skillset! (Repositories included!)

My Projects

Web Developer Skills

  • Frontend: React, React Native, Vanilla JS
  • Backend: Express, Django
  • Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, Sequelize, GraphQL
  • Testing: Jest, React Testing Library
  • Languages: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python
  • Other Skills: Jira, Bootstrap, jQuery Mobile

Game Projects

Below are projects I've programmed in different game engines. I also have experience using no engine with OpenGL.

Game Programmer Skills

  • Engines: Unreal, Unity, GameMaker Studio
  • Languages: C++, C#, Java
  • OpenGL

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